General Cleanup, Irrigation Repair in Azalea Park, Florida

Lawn Water System, General Cleanup in Azalea Park, FL

Uptown Lawn Services, Inc. in Orlando, Florida, offers general cleanup services for your yard and garden, along with irrigation repair.

General Cleanup

Having a general cleanup done on a regular basis makes your yard look great. We provide general outdoor cleaning, making sure all debris and leaves are removed.

We are reliable and responsible, and we know what we are doing. We provide one of the best deals in town.

Irrigation Repair

When it comes to irrigation repair, we can install and adjust sprinkler systems and make timer adjustments.

When lightning, or other circumstances, such as dead batteries in your system, cause your irrigation system to malfunction, Uptown Lawn Services, Inc. can help. We get your system running properly again, making sure all parts and batteries are functioning as they should be.

We also replace broken heads, pipes and valves. When you expand your garden, we can add additional zones to your sprinkler system.

Insect Control

Nothing can ruin the look of a beautiful garden / turf than insects. They can destroy plants and shrubbery in a matter of weeks. We apply insecticide every other month, from May to August for best results on your garden / turf.

This is the time that spring insects grow. Our insecticide spraying will prevent the root system of your lawn from being eaten by the grubs. We spread garanular or liquid spray the insecticide throughout the whole lawn and shrubbery.

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